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Golden Money Plant in a Plastic Pot


Are you missing out luck in your life? Do you think your plans are not working out? Or do you think your friends have a greater potential and still are not able to achieve what they want? Then this is the perfect chance for you to grab all the luck you can for you and your friends. Buy this Money Plant for Luck today and invite your destiny home.


Money plant is considered to be a plant of wealth and good luck. Some people love to keep it because of this belief, and some keep it because of its refreshing look and low maintainance requirements. However, moneyplant is always a great option to add a little bit of greenary to the home. You can buy this leafy Classic Golden Moneyplant alongwith a beautiful vase for yourself or to gift someone as a gesture of wishing good luck.


Several indoor plants are believed to bring prosperity and good luck. One of them is the money plant. According to Vastu and Feng Shui, money plants are very beneficial from a number of aspects, such as, they act as air purifier, absorb radiations, reduce stress, and most importantly, attract wealth, and should be kept indoors in the south-east direction of living rooms or halls. Try beautifying your indoors with the money plant for prosperity.


We generally love everything that looks natural and fresh. This good luck money plant is a lush green leafy plant that comes along with a plastic jute wrapped bag. This whole package is a treat to eyes. BUy this from our website and bring beauty with lots of prosperity for your home.


Money Plant in a Plastic Pot with Cadbury Celebrations Box of 121gm.