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If you love planting and farming, this is a chance for you to décor your home or office desk with something you will always love to look after. The two-layer Bamboo in a Vase is a must-have Bamboo plant for nature lovers. You can also gift it to someone if you are not a nature lover. This two-layer lucky Bamboo plant always brings a smile on the receiver’s face.


Bamboo plant is a treat to the eyes. When placed on a table, or at a corner of home, it adds so much life to the entire place. Buy this 2 layer Bamboo plant of good luck for yourself or to give your near and dear ones as a symbol of good wishes. It comes along with a bright yellow colour plastic pot which adds on to its beauty.


Product Contain:

2 Layer Bamboo in a Square Glass Vase With a 6 inch Teddy



2 Layer Bamboo Plant in a Cylinder Glass Vase and Seven Dairy Milk Chocolates (13gm each) Pasted on the Vase.


2 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant in a Square Glass Vase with 5 Dairy Milk Chocolate of 12.5gm.


6 Red Roses in Red Paper Packing and Two Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant.


We got a perfect sign for growth in your life, that is, the Jade Terrarium Plant. This plant is considered to be one of those Feng Shui décor items that attracts money and prosperity home. If you think there is a negative vibe looming across you, it will vanish quickly. This Jade plant in a round glass vase will embellish your interiors with the best green look. So, buy it today!


Two Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant in Square Glass Vase- 3 x 3 inches and 8 Dairy Milk Chocolates- 12.5 grams each.


Want to have some slice of luck and some natural beauty in your home ? How about if a decorational item acts as serves the purpose? Buy for yourself or give it to a special person. These Two Layer Lucky Bamboo and 5 Dairy Milk Chocolate is something cannot be missed. This hamper will be a true nature’s beauty and also help you to celebrate a special occasion.


Bamboo plants are famous as they attract positivity and good luck. This amazing two layered Bamboo plant will not only give you immense fortunes but also give a very beautiful look to the place where it is kept. This plant is paired with an adorable soft Teddy. So you can share good wishes and let your loved ones feel pampered with this unique and special combo.


Lucky Bamboo Plant in Glass Vase- 3 x 3 inches and 8 Nestle Kit Kat Chocolates – 12 grams each tied with White Raffia. This is a best combo to gift someone luck and sweet. So don’t think just gift your ones this beautiful combo.


Express your true warm wishes to your special ones by sending our special indoor lucky bamboo plant tied up in a double layered red ribbon placed in a beautiful glass jar


Three Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant


Do you think it’s just too much of sweets everywhere on this Festival season? Does this make you feel that you should buy something unique to gift your loved ones and get impressed? Then you are just at the right place. Because we provide you a unique gifting option of Exclusive Dry Fruit Hamper with Almonds (100 gms), Cashew Nuts (100 gms), 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant. The Lucky Bamboo is the special element of this hamper. Share good wishes through some natural beauty.


Convey good wishes and share prosperity with this uniquely beautiful set of two layered Lucky Bamboo plant and 12 fresh Yellow roses. This can be gifted as an expression of gratitude, love affection to any of your loved ones on a special occasion.


Two Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant and 12 Five Star Chocolates- 15 gms each

Two Layer Lucky Bamboo in a Square Glass Vase- 3 x 3 inches 8 Nestle Kit Kat Chocolates- 12 gms each pasted in Vase.



Plant Name : 3 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

Plant Placement : Indoor

Scientific Name : Dracaena Braunii

Glass Vase (Depend on availability)


You love your father the most, right? Then order this amazingly delicious XOXO Chocolate cake and give him the hugs of your love on his special day! This hamper of happiness comes with an adorable good luck Bamboo plant. Your dad will be really happy and amazed to have these all!


3 layer Lucky Bamboo in a Cylinder Glass Vase with Pebbles and a 6 inch Teddy.